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Develop your German skills in a community of learners.

Our program targets adults, 16 and older. Courses focus on practical and conversational German. Class time is dedicated to partner/group work and task-based activities, so that the spoken language you practice in class can be seamlessly applied to real-life. You'll learn the basics of the German language in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, in a community of like-minded learners.

Registration open for summer online classes
Beginners Intensive & Intermediate Conversation
Summer Classes


Fall 2020: Deutsch 1, Deutsch 4, Deutsch 7, Deutsch 10
September - November, schedule TBD, registration opens in July

Promoting bilingual education and proudly serving the SAGA Community since 2017.


Each class runs for 10 weeks and includes:


Regular Student$400
College/High-School Student$350
SAGA Family Member Close family of current/past students of the SAGA School. Qualifying status to be verified with the SAGA School. $325
Language-Strides Family MemberStudents who completed three consecutive courses at Language Strides prior to signing-up to the current course$325

Tuition includes access to online course.

Tuition does NOT include textbook.

Continuing Student Discount: $25 This is a re-enrollment incentive for students taking consecutive classes at Language Strides.

Please register early to secure your spot in class and increase the class' outlook for meeting minimum enrollment numbers. Due to budget and space limitations, classes will be cancelled unless they have a minimum of 8-10 students.

Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel before the second class. Tuition will be refunded (minus a $60 administrative fee). After the second class, no refunds will be issued.

Class Location

Our classes are offered at different locations in North Seattle, in appropriate spaces for language instruction, such as:
The North Seattle College, The Good Shepherd Center, The Phinney Center, and others.

See class details for specific class location.



Deutsch 1


Deutsch 2


Deutsch 3


Deutsch 4


Deutsch 5


Deutsch 6


Deutsch 7


Deutsch 8


Deutsch 9


Deutsch 10


Deutsch 11


Deutsch 12


Interested in a different skill level? We are working towards expanding our class offerings in the future. In order to help with these efforts, we are collecting information about prospective students to establish demand for more advanced levels. Please fill out the Indication of Interest Form. We will contact you if additional classes develop. Danke!


For Deutsch 1 thru Deutsch 6:
Kontakte (6th or 7th edition)* by Tschirner/Nicolai/Terrell.
kontakte 7th edition kontakte 6th edition*PLEASE NOTE: The most recent edition of Kontakte is the 8th. We decided to work with the 6th/7th edition for their cost-benefit ratio. Buying a used hard-copy online is highly recommended. The recommended editions and the newest are virtually identical in their presentation of grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and communicative activities. The main difference between the editions is the cultural content. The class will not use the book as a primary source of teaching cultural sensitivity, but will practice these skills organically, through task-based activities.

For Deutsch 7 thru Deutsch 9:
Schritte International NEU, Band 4, Niveau A2/2, Hueber Verlag
schritte international 4


student gathering

Taking a class at Language Strides will expose you to a dynamic learning environment that fosters a community of learners. You'll be immersed in a communicative setting backed by the rigors of a college-level program. You'll expand your cultural understanding of the German-speaking peoples and develop structural tools for lifelong learning.

Our ultimate goal as teachers is to keep you and your peers connected and engaged in the long-term endeavor of learning German even when you are not taking a class.

Adherence to Global Standards

Our classes adhere to the levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The language skills you acquire in our courses can be measured objectively and are internationally comparable.

The targeted skill levels listed for each class allow you to cross-reference the skills acquired at Language Strides with similar courses at other language schools. This means that you can continue to learn flexibly by taking continuing courses with us or other language learning institutions that adhere to global standards in language learning.

Levels Comparison Chart (PDF version)

Solutions for a Variety of Learning Goals

Looking for professional or personal enrichment?
Our German classes pave your way for successful lifelong learning.

Thinking about college credits/foreign language requirement?
Our German classes Deutsch 1-6 align with the language programs offered at the Seattle Colleges and the University of Washington to allow for a seamless transition into these and similar academic programs.*
*Please Note: While we help you acquire the skills that allow you to test into a specific college language level, we cannot offer college credit for the classes you take at Language Strides.

Deutsch 7-12, classes at the intermediary level, review the fundamentals of the German language and help students improve their fluency and accuracy, while increasing their idiomatic usage, linguistic confidence, and cultural understanding of German-speaking peoples.

Thinking about language certification?

Deutsch 7-12 can prepare you for language certification (Goethe Zertifikat A2 and Goethe Zertifikat B1).


gloria man

Hallo, ich bin Gloria, Founder of Language Strides.

I have been teaching German-language and culture classes for more than two decades. My academic appointments include teaching positions at the Seattle Colleges, the University of Washington, and the University of Puget Sound. In 2017, I founded the Adult German Program at the Seattle Area German American School (SAGA), the educational and cultural hub that partners with Language Strides in offering German Classes for the SAGA Community.

I am a life-long advocate of multilingual education, fostering cultural heritage and trans-cultural empathy. As a German heritage-speaker from Romania, I have first-hand experience on the importance of educational programs that protect minorities and their cultures. My work for the American Romanian Cultural Society, a Seattle-based non-profit, helped create a heritage-culture program for high-school students hosted at the University of Washington Ellison Center.
When I am not planning new class-activities for my students, you'll find me outdoors, hiking, climbing, bird-watching, and playing with my two and four-legged family.

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ARCS Alumna

mathew childs

Hallo! Ich heisse Matthew Childs.

I am a PhD Candidate in the Germanics Program at the University of Washington. I earned my B.A. in German Studies and Classical Civilizations (2013) and my M.A. in German Studies (2015) at Florida State University. I have been at the University of Washington since the fall of 2015. I have taught a range of German language courses since 2013, including beginning and intermediate level courses. I have been trained in Communicative Language Teaching, which focuses on the interaction between speakers as the primary means of developing one's language skills.